Benefits of Eclipse Haylage

Provides Essential Fibre

Haylage is a very good source of nutritious fibre as fibre is vital for the movement of food along the digestive system.

  • Eclipse Haylage contains digestible fibre which is broken down in the hind gut of the horse to provide energy.
  • It also supplies the roughage necessary to stimulate the gut to aid food passage, helping to maintain digestive function.
  • Longer Chewing Time : The fibre satisfies the horse’s psychological need to chew and also helps to reduce boredom in the stable

Healthy Breathing

Eclipse Haylage is dust free and a safe alternative for horses suffering from Respiratory disorders; combined with correct dust reducing management your horses’ breathing problems can be greatly improved.

Eclipse Haylage can also help prevent respiratory problems developing initially, particularly in young stock. A point often missed by breeders and producers of young valuable animals.


Top Quality feed, high in vitamins and minerals suitable for the nutritional requirements of all equine from brood mare to young stock to high performers in all disciplines, horse racing,showjumping, and eventing.

After a period of storage, the vitamin levels in hay deteriorate as the grass is exposed to the air. The unique packaging system of Eclipse haylage maintains the higher levels of these important minerals and vitamins in the haylage.

The B Complex Vitamins, which are involved in feed utilization, blood building, hoof condition and many other areas of metabolism, are retained in Eclipse haylage whereas after several months of storage, most hay samples have negligible levels of these vitamins.

Healthier coat, skin and hooves

Excellent source of quality protein needed by all horses for their growth and development, helping to keep them fit, strong and healthy.


No artificial preservatives or acids are used to make Eclipse Haylage.

It is 100% naturally preserved grass.

Eclipse Haylage is a palatable and sweet smelling feed and our quality control ensures each bale is consistent. The double layer of wrap ensures freshness of our products from field to your yard.

Affordable & convenient

Eclipse Haylage is packed in double layered, heat sealed bags, easy to use, feed and store.

Hard feed quantities can be reduced by up to a third depending on workload.

A bag of Eclipse haylage, if unopened, can keep for up to 18 months

Use within 5-7 days when opened.