Eclipse Haylage

The No. 1 Quality Irish Horse Feed

ECLIPSE FEEDS is an Irish Owned Company dedicated to providing high quality Haylage for the Equine industry

Eclipse Haylage is grown on carefully selected Calcium rich Irish soil, using a unique combination of tetraploid and diploid Ryegrass and Timothy grass seeds.

ECLIPSE FEEDS control all aspects of the production from soil selection to crop management right through to packing and delivery of the product to ensure only top quality product reaches your horse.

Benefits of Eclipse Haylage:


Free of additives


High energy feed, high in vitamins and minerals suitable for the nutritional requirements of your horse whatever its requirements.

Healthy Breathing:

Dust free thus no moulds, spores or dust mites. Eclipse haylage is particularly helpful to, horses and ponies with Respiratory problems.

When fed from an early age to young stock, this product can go along way towards preventing respiratory problems developing.


Healthier bones, coat, skin and hooves

Rich in Calcium

Excellent source of quality protein needed by all horses for their growth and development, helping to keep them fit, strong and healthy.

Essential High Fibre:

Stimulates the gut to aid food passage, helping to maintain digestive function.

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