About Eclipse Foal to Yearling TMR

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Elavating Equine Nutrition

Specifically formulated for quality foal growth and development

Eclipse Foal to Yearling TMR is a unique blend of highly digestible fibre feeds, scientifically formulated for foals to yearlings that provide all the energy, protein and minerals required to enhance quality growth of valuable young stock in a balanced diet.

Young growing Thoroughbreds and Warmblood horses are genetically pre-disposed to fast growth rates and accompanying developmental orthopaedic diseases such as Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD). OCD is exacerbated by feeding high levels of cereal-based concentrate feeds, which owners feed in an attempt to produce well-grown yearlings for sales. Growth needs to be supported by quality nutrition such as high bioavailable protein and minerals and slow-release energy.

Eclipse Foal to Yearling TMR is scientifically formulated to help foals achieve genetic potential in growth rates, avoiding the insulin peaks that are seen when high levels of cereal based diets are fed, thus without supplying the damaging levels of soluble carbohydrates which can interfere with maturation of cartilage to bone which gives rise to OCD.

Fibre - based feed is eaten slowly, so trickles into the digestive system allowing time for absorption and metabolism of the range of nutrients required to ensure good solid bone development. Foals spend more time eating, are quieter, show less aggression as energy is trickling into their system in a natural way.