Eclipse Healthy Horse TMR

Healthy Horse Product

Elevating Equine Nutrition for horses of all life stages

Eclipse Healthy Horse Fibre TMR is a unique blend of highly digestible fibre feeds for horses of all life stages providing all the energy, protein and minerals required for quality growth and development.

It is a high oil, non-heating fully balanced natural diet, scientifically formulated to help to alleviate some of the ulcer and acidosis problems that are common to horses of all disciplines.

Eclipse Healthy Horse has the nutritional profile as close to a conventional (hard-feed) racehorse mix as possible so that trainers / owners can supplement as little or as much of the hard feed as they choose.

Eclipse Healthy Horse feed eaten slowly, trickles into the digestive system allowing time for absorption and metabolism of the range of nutrients required to ensure good solid bone structure. This type of feeding stimulates saliva production, which promotes gastric health.

Horses that spend more time eating, are quieter, show less aggression as energy trickles into their system in a natural way.