About Calfage

calfage Product

The most important event in a calf’s early development and growth is a successful weaning from milk, for this to happen, early and proper development of the rumen is crucial. Calfage is an adlib free access feed formulated to encourage early rumen development.

We need calves to eating a balanced mix of digestible fibre and cereals with quality protein for this to happen. Calfage is a balanced feed that helps to ensure good rumen size at weaning while enabling the development of an active efficient rumen microflora . The rumen microflora converts fibre and starch into volatile fatty acids which in turn are the precursors to glucose the energy source for the weaned calf. Ample glucose production minimizes the post weaning growth check in calves. Calfage also minimizes rumen acidosis and stomach upset during the weaning period.

Calfage can be fed adlib to calves from 5 days onwards to develop a rumen microflora population, increase rumen capacity, and drive appetite and growth through the milk fed phase and weaning to maximize early growth and development so as to optimize life time performance in the animal. Calfage is the ideal feed for developing dairy heifer calves and will help them to achieve mature body weight at two years of age when they are coming into the herd to begin their productive life.