Calfage Benefits

Health Benefits

  • Naturally high 18% protein content, rich in digestible protein for muscle and body growth.
  • Includes a wide range of essential minerals.
  • This unique combination grows bone and frame early, an essential part of being a well formed animal.
  • Easily digested by the calf without the overloading that can occur in the early stages on more conventional meals.
  • High in dietary fibre offers the important scratch factor that stimulates the rumen into action, preparing it for a lifetime on grass. During the digestive process the cellulose in the Calfage is broken down and the nutrients released for easy digestion. This natural fibre allows the stomach’s fauna culture to develop and therefore process those nutrients more easily in the same way will be done while the animal is on grass at a later stage.
  • At the same time the physical size of the Calfage forces the rumen to stretch in preparation for bulky grass.
  • It is the ideal PH to encourage rumen microbial growth.
  • Contains naturally occurring yeasts that feed the rumen daily with bacteria stimulating flora culture development for optimum digestion and rumen development.
  • A grass compatible system that develops the rumen to suit grass digestion and reduces the post weaning check.
  • Easily assimilated soluble carbohydrates.

Improved Growth Rates

  • A healthy start in the calf’s life results in better weight and growth rates, meaning that animals enter the milking herd earlier.
  • It leads to a reduction in heifer calving ages.

Cost Effective

  • Less wastage.
  • Achieves very high cost effective growth rates, and prepares the calf for a seamless transition from liquid to solid feed.

Convenient To Use

  • Weatherproof bag that allows storage near the rearing operation.
  • Calfage is a Total Mixed ration (TMR) - Less labour intensive as all feed is given together.