About Haylage

Eclipse Haylage

Forage is an essential basis of the feeding program of all horses and ponies.

Eclipse Haylage is the ideal forage for your horses and ponies.

Eclipse haylage is grown on carefully selected Calcium rich soil, using a unique combination of tetraploid and diploid Ryegrass and Timothy grass seeds.

Grasses are grown and harvested in a similar way to hay, but is left to dry until it has approximately 30 –40% moisture content before baling. Natural fermentation in the wrapped bales preserves the grass as haylage and it has about 90% the feed value of grass. The grass is rotated within a cereal production system. This method assists in the management of soil nutrients and also eliminates weed problems which are common with long term pastures.

Eclipse Haylage is completely natural, dust free forage. It contains no additives, no preservatives, no mould inhibitors, and no flavourings. It is 100% naturally preserved grass.

Eclipse Feeds

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