Benefits of Eclipse Healthy Horse TMR

Healthy Horse Product

Eclipse Healthy Horse TMR feed eaten slowly, trickles into the digestive system allowing time for absorption and metabolism of the range of nutrients required to ensure good solid bone structure. Horses that spend more time eating, are quieter, show less aggression as energy is trickling into their system in a natural way.

This brings many benefits such as reduced boredom, increased chewing time, reduced acidosis, better microbial activity due to live yeast intake, high oil, non-heating while providing a welcome change to the horse’s diet.

  • Highly palatable.
  • High Quality Fibre for optimal digestive health.
  • Essential Oils to improve joint health & boost the immune system.
  • Bioavailable amino acids,
  • Rich in Lysine and Calcium for bone growth.
  • Correct Calcium to phosphorous Ratio,
  • Balanced Omega 3 to Omega 6 Fatty Acid concentrations.
  • Essential Biotin for hoof strength.
  • Essential Iodine for optimum metabolism.
  • Live protected yeast stimulating and supporting microbial activity in hind gut.
  • Promotes natural caecal fermentation.
  • Essential Copper for bone, ligament, tendon and hair production.
  • Contains naturally occurring Minerals and Vitamins.