How to use Eclipse Haylage

Eclipse Haylage is full of the natural goodness of grass without the nutrient losses associated with hay making. It should not be treated just as a “filler”. As a result you are able to reduce your horses’ concentrate ration thus saving money and avoiding familiar problems associated with high concentrate diets.

Suggested Feeding Rates

Rate for feeding haylage is 1.5% of body weight for maintenance topped up with concentrates.

This may vary depending on horse workload and temperament.

Typical Nutrient Analysis

Nutrient Eclipse Haylage
Dry Matter 65.6%-72%
Estimated Energy Mj/kg 10-11.5Mj/kg
Crude Protein 10%
NDF 56%
ADF 34%
ASH 5.3%
*These figures represent typical values and accuracy can only be assured by individual analyses

Feeding Guidelines:

  • Each bag contains sufficient Eclipse Haylage to feed a 500Kg horse for 3 days in medium work.
  • Eclipse Haylage use will result in reducing hard feed requirements.
  • Use within 3-5 days of opening.
*Feeding guidelines are only suggestions and each horse/pony's needs should be ascertained depending on its individual working circumstances. *Horses/ponies turned out into the paddock at grass during the day will require less Haylage depending on quantity and quality of grass available.


  • Do not puncture.
  • Store free from vermin, birds and pets with claws.
  • Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.