Eclipse Haylage

  • Natural
  • Nutritious
  • Dust Free
  • Quality Assured
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Eclipse Foal to Yearling TMR

  • Highly Digestible Fibre Formulation
  • Optimum Joint Health and Bone Development
  • Essential Oils
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Eclipse Healthy Horse Fibre TMR

  • Fully Balanced Nutrition
  • Quality Protein
  • Stomach and Hind Gut Health
  • Containing Micronised Linseed
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Eclipse Calfage First Feed

  • High in Protein
  • Essential Minerals
  • Easily Digestible
  • High in Dietary Fibre
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About Eclipse Feeds

Established in 1996, Eclipse Feeds is an Irish owned family run business dedicated to providing premium quality Animal Feeds.

Eclipse Haylage

Eclipse Feeds use our many years of experience and expertise to produce top quality haylage. Eclipse Feeds control all aspects of the production from growing of grass seedlings to harvesting, packing and delivery of the product to ensure only top quality haylage reaches your horse.

Elevating Equine Nutrition:

Our fibre-based Eclipse Foal to Yearling TMR and Eclipse Healthy Horse Fibre Feed are formulated and scientifically proven to elevate animal health and wellbeing. We use natural nutritious ingredients including Eclipse Haylage as the essential fibre component.
Eclipse fibre-based diets mimics how horses eat in nature, stimulating saliva production and promoting gastric health.

For the Livestock Farmer:

Eclipse Calfage First Feed Rumen Primer is the complete and well-balanced diet for young calves. Eclipse Calfage is the first feed, first choice in many calf rearing programmes. Eclipse Calfage is uniquely formulated for maximum Rumen Development and Body Growth.

We at Eclipse Feeds are very pleased with our progress and continued growth in the home and international markets.

Eclipse Feeds

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